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14 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
776 DIRSIG4 dirsig_e brown NEW --- Provide a means to Duplicate an Existing Focal Plane in the "Instrument Editor" 2010-06-09
770 DIRSIG4 dirsig_e njs8030 NEW --- Have the "Collection Wizards" under the "Platform Motion" module remember previous states 2010-01-08
783 DIRSIG4 dirsig_e njs8030 NEW --- Provisions to show absolute paths to the major configuration files 2010-02-04
932 DIRSIG4 dirsig_e aagpci NEW --- Options editor kills non-lidar photon maps 2012-03-12
935 DIRSIG4 dirsig_e brown NEW --- No tracking mount support in GUI 2012-03-12
625 DIRSIG4 dirsig_e njs8030 NEW --- Scene component overwrites .scene embedded geometry 2008-08-19
772 DIRSIG4 dirsig_e njs8030 NEW --- Add an "Option" to save out the "All Output" window into a text file 2010-01-13
773 DIRSIG4 dirsig_e njs8030 NEW --- Provisions for specifying multiple search paths for Scene elements 2010-01-11
784 DIRSIG4 dirsig_e njs8030 NEW --- Embed additional information in ENVI header file 2015-07-17
774 DIRSIG4 dirsig_e brown ASSI --- Allow Channels in Channel List to be Re-ordered 2011-01-12
833 DIRSIG4 dirsig_e brown ASSI --- Inconsistent working directories.. 2010-09-27
874 DIRSIG4 dirsig_e brown ASSI --- Scene Editor allows you to leave map image filenames empty 2013-08-12
880 DIRSIG4 dirsig_e brown ASSI --- Should warn on quit when sim is running. 2011-11-23
1245 DIRSIG4 dirsig_e brown ASSI --- Platform GUI crashes when importing spectrometer data 2016-11-22
14 bugs found.


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