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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
1220 DIRSIG4 Material aagpci RESO FIXE Incorrect auto-mixing of multi-material maps 2016-09-29
1223 DIRSIG4 Geometry aagpci RESO FIXE Density map does not respect material ID 2016-06-14
1224 DIRSIG4 Material aagpci RESO FIXE Unable to set cloud geometry 2016-07-21
1228 DIRSIG4 General/ aagpci RESO FIXE Translating / Rotating Atmospherics Via Glist Broken 2016-09-14
1232 DIRSIG4 General/ aagpci RESO FIXE material variant distribution seems to use a different seed for each instance list 2016-09-29
1219 DIRSIG4 Atmosphe brown RESO FIXE sub lunar position vs. datetime 2016-09-13
1230 DIRSIG4 Platform brown RESO FIXE Tracking mount fails when instances contain offsets 2016-09-07
1233 DIRSIG4 Demonstr brown RESO FIXE TrackingMount1 demo is illuminated by stars only 2016-09-13
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