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13 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
1087 DIRSIG4 User Int brown RESO FIXE Simulation progress bar doesn't complete as expected 2015-07-13
1152 DIRSIG4 General/ brown RESO FIXE Flex motion quaternions xml parsing bug 2015-06-29
1153 DIRSIG4 Atmosphe brown RESO FIXE Path radiance artifact near nadir for exo-atmospheric platforms 2015-06-30
1154 DIRSIG4 Truth Da brown RESO FIXE Instance Index truth doesn't work for "all materials" 2015-07-10
1155 DIRSIG4 Platform brown RESO FIXE Data driven focal plane and temporal integration not working together 2015-07-13
1157 DIRSIG4 LIDAR brown RESO FIXE Range gate window length (in meters) is 2x what it should be in the GUI 2015-07-14
1158 DIRSIG4 LIDAR brown RESO FIXE Dynamic range gate file parsing needs improvements 2015-07-07
1159 DIRSIG4 Utilitie brown RESO FIXE bin_analyze crashes when analyzing bin files with temporal oversampling 2015-07-13
1160 DIRSIG4 LIDAR brown RESO FIXE BIN file pulse index is wrong when using "file per capture" output file schedule 2015-07-10
1162 DIRSIG4 Material brown RESO FIXE Warn user that they have specified a texture map, but the material spectral file only has one entry in it 2015-07-13
1164 DIRSIG4 Demonstr brown RESO FIXE BumpMap1 demo ZIP file is missing 2015-07-15
1165 DIRSIG4 make_adb brown RESO FIXE MODTRAN-based classic atmosphere doesn't work with TrackingMount1 demo 2015-07-15
757 DIRSIG4 General/ njs8030 RESO FIXE Disabled texture and mat maps still loading at run time 2015-07-09
13 bugs found.


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