Thu Apr 15 2021 18:28:26 EDT
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20 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
1301 DIRSIG5 BasicPla aagpci RESO FIXE Material ID truth is off by 1 compared to material_report.txt 2020-10-26
1295 DIRSIG5 ChipMake brown RESO FIXE Missing target when using a time window and dynamic target instances 2020-10-26
1306 DIRSIG5 BasicPla brown RESO FIXE Output filenames in "dry run" log are wrong with multiple instruments and/or focal planes 2020-10-26
1296 DIRSIG5 Scene2Hd aagpci RESO FIXE scene2hdf fails when using shell-target material 2020-09-08
1299 DIRSIG5 Core aagpci RESO FIXE Zero reflectance surfaces are seen reflecting emissive objects.. 2020-10-01
1300 DIRSIG5 Scene2Hd aagpci RESO FIXE high count of dynamic instances causing intermittent scene2hdf failures 2020-10-19
1235 DIRSIG4 make_adb brown RESO FIXE Precision limitations with MODTRAN causing make_adb to abort 2020-08-05
1261 DIRSIG4 Demonstr brown RESO FIXE Missing/Broken files in several demos 2020-10-15
1289 DIRSIG5 BasicPla brown RESO FIXE CDPathPipline error on render with quaternion platform (r3502) 2020-07-16
1290 DIRSIG5 BasicPla brown RESO FIXE Map projection and indexing error (r4093) 2020-07-20
1291 DIRSIG5 Spherica brown RESO FIXE SphericalCollector not working when ortho projection is combined with outbound mode 2020-07-28
1292 DIRSIG4 make_adb brown RESO FIXE Narrow FOV sensors sometimes result in a significant number of extra paths 2020-08-05
1293 DIRSIG4 Platform brown RESO FIXE Inconsistencies in capture counts for various task durations 2020-08-06
1294 DIRSIG5 BasicPla brown RESO FIXE Pointing camera at simple atmosphere sun = path error 2020-08-21
1297 DIRSIG5 BasicPla brown RESO FIXE Errors when using the "--capture" command-line option. 2020-10-26
1298 DIRSIG4 General/ brown RESO FIXE lack of or ZERO value delta tag in a RAW platform produces error 2020-10-01
1303 DIRSIG5 Scene2Hd brown RESO FIXE Two problems with spectral sampling 2020-10-19
1304 DIRSIG4 Motion brown RESO FIXE FlexMotion engines do not correctly interpolate with a single entry in the supplied data. 2020-10-19
1305 DIRSIG5 BasicPla brown RESO FIXE "Bounce" when platform motion interpolates angles that vary slightly 2020-10-22
1307 DIRSIG5 Core brown RESO FIXE latest weekly build is generating odd returns with more than 1 scene/hdf in the sim - 2020.42 (58ee3e8) 2020-10-26
20 bugs found.