Thu Apr 15 2021 18:43:48 EDT
Belated pessimization is the leaf of no good -- Len Lattanzi
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
1285 DIRSIG4 Geometry aagpci RESO FIXE Voxelized Clouds (including the FastCloud1 demo) fail to appear... 2020-03-19
1283 DIRSIG4 dirsig_e brown RESO FIXE The external weather file elements are initially disabled in the Atmosphere Editor 2020-06-24
1284 DIRSIG4 dirsig_e brown RESO FIXE Loading new weather files merges the data from a previous load 2020-03-08
1287 DIRSIG4 User Int brown RESO FIXE Scene editor geographic location load problem 2020-06-24
1292 DIRSIG4 make_adb brown RESO FIXE Narrow FOV sensors sometimes result in a significant number of extra paths 2020-08-05
1293 DIRSIG4 Platform brown RESO FIXE Inconsistencies in capture counts for various task durations 2020-08-06
1298 DIRSIG4 General/ brown RESO FIXE lack of or ZERO value delta tag in a RAW platform produces error 2020-10-01
1304 DIRSIG4 Motion brown RESO FIXE FlexMotion engines do not correctly interpolate with a single entry in the supplied data. 2020-10-19
1309 DIRSIG4 LIDAR brown RESO FIXE LAS point cloud writer does not include the "GeoKeyDirectoryTag" variable length record 2020-11-03
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