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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
1245 DIRSIG4 dirsig_e brown ASSI --- Platform GUI crashes when importing spectrometer data 2016-11-22
1246 DIRSIG4 Geometry aagpci RESO FIXE Daily time windows ending prematurely 2016-11-17
1240 DIRSIG4 Sources brown RESO FIXE Use of GLIST <basesource> causes segmentation fault 2016-10-11
1241 DIRSIG4 Sources brown RESO FIXE Source radiant intensity files are not looked for locally in bundled objects 2016-10-13
1242 DIRSIG4 General/ brown RESO FIXE Vector length related abort on geometry with mismatched plane vs. vertex normals 2016-10-21
1243 DIRSIG4 Geometry brown RESO FIXE A 3D voxel grid file can't be stored in a bundled geometry folder 2016-10-25
1244 DIRSIG4 General/ brown RESO FIXE File Path Reference Location Confusing 2018-01-02
1247 DIRSIG4 Bulldoze brown RESO FIXE Bulldozer's view buttons are inconsistent with the default insert orientation 2016-11-22
1248 DIRSIG4 LIDAR brown RESO FIXE LAS point cloud files are corrupt for GmAPD output 2016-11-17
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