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14 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
1211 DIRSIG4 Material aagpci RESO FIXE RegularGrid1 demo fails 2016-02-22
1209 DIRSIG4 Material aagpci RESO FIXE Simple Radiometry Solver adds specular lobe to diffuse surfaces... 2016-02-08
1220 DIRSIG4 Material aagpci RESO FIXE Incorrect auto-mixing of multi-material maps 2016-09-29
1206 DIRSIG4 Geometry brown RESO FIXE OBJ file <assign> options not behaving as expected when the same OBJ is used multiple times 2016-02-26
1207 DIRSIG4 Motion brown RESO FIXE sumo2dirsig produces .mov files with sudden "jumps" in position 2016-01-15
1208 DIRSIG4 Demonstr brown RESO FIXE OpenWater2 fails on some machines during photon map construction 2016-01-20
1210 DIRSIG4 Instrume brown RESO FIXE Temporal integration fails poorly if a non-integer number of <samples> is provided 2016-02-22
1212 DIRSIG4 dirsig_e brown RESO FIXE When a .scene XML file is saved by GUI, it adds extra spaces before some mat IDs 2016-03-01
1213 DIRSIG4 Geometry brown RESO FIXE Tracking mount instance name does not appear to do a deep search 2016-03-22
1214 DIRSIG4 make_adb brown RESO FIXE Request to have Exo-Atm Solar/Lunar Irradiance in ADB files always be non-zero 2016-04-10
1216 DIRSIG4 Geometry brown RESO FIXE Clipping of geometry when using sub-object motion feature 2016-04-08
1217 DIRSIG4 Document brown RESO WORK hard path necessary for ADB file - in any situation 2016-12-06
1218 DIRSIG4 Material brown RESO FIXE Mixture maps not working 2016-04-11
1219 DIRSIG4 Atmosphe brown RESO FIXE sub lunar position vs. datetime 2016-09-13
14 bugs found.


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